Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction (KIWI) is a private non-sectarian non-profit. KIWI offers low-cost classes, workshops and institutes to all public and private school teachers as well as parents and other interested individuals. Waldorf-inspired family events are available to to local and regional parents and children. KIWI offers a Public Waldorf Cadre Membership to all educators, parents and community members who are interested in building a community of support around our mission and vision. KIWI offers additional benefits to it's Public Waldorf Cadre Members including reduced tuition, scholarships, and additional waldorf educational resources beyond our workshops and institutes.




The mission of Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction is to inspire and challenge educators to integrate the artistic and healing pedagogy of Waldorf education with 21st century educational research.





Our Board of Directors

Board Members


President: Jennifer Nelson
Vice President: Cindy Meyer
Secretary: Shanna Miller
Treasurer: Raysun Frost


IT/Communication: Jess Deis
Marketing/Fundraising: Kasey Carlson
Homeschool: Raysun Frost
Finance Committee: Raysun Frost


Mona Jones


Board Meetings:

Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month unless noted otherwise.  Bylaws and Meeting Minutes available upon request.


Our Executive Director

Dr. Mary Goral

Dr. Mary Goral, a trained Waldorf educator, whose life-work focuses on Waldorf-inspired practices for the public school setting, will direct and provide leadership for the organization.  Dr. Goral will provide support, communication, mentoring, modeling and organization. She will continue to articulate public Waldorf methodologies and their connection to current brain research and best practices for both public and private school teachers, administrators and families.  

Dr. Goral is currently an advisory board member for the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education and also serves as the chair of the teacher education task force. As chair of the task force, Dr. Goral is currently working with her committee to develop recommendations for a high quality public Waldorf teacher education. The committee will present its recommendations to the Alliance's board at the January 2018 board meeting.  Given these recommendations, Dr. Goral will help shepherd Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction through the process of becoming a certified public Waldorf teacher training site.


Our History

The Waldorf-Inspired Cadre

Since 1994, a dedicated group of public and private school educators, the Waldorf-inspired Cadre, brought best practice teaching methodologies to their students in the form of a Waldorf-inspired pedagogy. Research on Waldorf education shows a correlation between methods used in Waldorf schools and brain-based research, as well as current best practices in teaching. Waldorf-inspired teaching exemplifies best teaching practices, including an arts-infused pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning, Place-based Education, Education for Sustainability, and Social and Emotional Learning. Recent quantitative studies show that 8th grade students attending Waldorf-inspired charter schools perform as well or better on standardized tests than institutions with the same or similar demographics.  These well-researched methods have aided in the growth and development of students and teachers alike.   Furthermore, Waldorf-inspired schools in the public sector are the fastest growing movement related to Waldorf education today.


The Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction (KIWI)

Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction was formed in the fall of 2005, first as a LLC, then gained its non-profit status in the summer of 2012. The Waldorf-inspired Summer Institute began in 2005 and summer institutes have taken place every year since that time.  Teachers take classes to deepen their understanding of Waldorf education and its implication for the public and private school setting. At that time the Waldorf-Inspired Cadre became known as the Kentahten Cadre.

Kentahten Cadre Becomes the Public Waldorf Cadre

Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction intends to re-invigorate the teaching of Waldorf methods in the public school setting by incorporating the Waldorf-inspired Cadre into its mission and vision.  In 2017 The Board of KIWI voted to change the name of the Cadre to The Public Waldorf Cadre, with the express intent of inviting all educators from the public to KIWI workshops and classes. 


Kentahten Teacher Training

KIWI is working on offering Kentahten Teacher Training Certificates.  Based on the recommendations of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education, the teacher training would eventually be able to grant public Waldorf teaching certificates.


Our Partners

KIWI works closely with the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education. The Alliance is a professional development organization and membership is voluntary. All Alliance member organizations maintain independent financial and administrative structures.  Kentahten also partners with the Waldorf School of Louisville in offering use of their campus, teacher spotlight opportunities, and co-sponsored family workshops. called Windows on Waldorf.