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Public Waldorf Teacher Training

Did you know that Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction offers Public Waldorf Teacher Training to schools all around the country? Kentahten has been working with public school teachers since its inception in 2005 and deeply understands how to integrate the beautiful, effective curriculum and pedagogy inherent in Waldorf education with traditional public-school expectations. Kentahten’s four-year teacher education program meets the recommendations outlined by the Alliance for Public
Waldorf Education. 

Kentahten educators travel to the school’s site to deliver high-quality public Waldorf teacher education or instructors can offer the training virtually.

The four-year training consists of two weeks in the summer, two long weekends during the school year, as well as a practicum and a research project. All trainings are designed with input from individual schools, while still meeting expectations for a high-quality public Waldorf teacher education.

For more information, contact Dr. Mary Goral:

Public Waldorf Curriculum Writing

Is your school looking for help with curriculum? Dr. Mary Goral has been involved with writing curriculum for public Waldorf Schools for nearly 10 years. Currently, she has units of study/blocks for grades 1-8. Each grade level features 8-10 blocks that are written using Steiner’s indications for developmentally appropriate curriculum. These blocks contain an overview, daily lesson plans matched with state standards and
resource suggestions. Please contact Dr. Goral for more information on pricing, content and delivery.



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Waldorf Instruction

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