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Executive Director


Dr. Mary Goral, a trained Waldorf educator, whose life-work focuses on Waldorf-inspired practices for the public school setting, will direct and provide leadership for the organization.  Dr. Goral will provide support, communication, mentoring, modeling and organization. She will continue to articulate public Waldorf methodologies and their connection to current brain research and best practices for both public and private school teachers, administrators and families.  


Dr. Goral is currently an advisory board member for the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education and also serves as the chair of the teacher education task force. As chair of the task force, Dr. Goral is currently working with her committee to develop recommendations for a high quality public Waldorf teacher education. The committee will present its recommendations to the Alliance's board at the January 2018 board meeting.  Given these recommendations, Dr. Goral will help shepherd Kentahten Institute for Waldorf Instruction through the process of becoming a certified public Waldorf teacher training site.

The Board of Directors

Jennifer Nelson


Plants on the Window
Mona Jones


Orange Blossom


Kasey Carlson

Marketing/Fundraising Chair

Shanna Miller


Jessica Deis

IT Chair

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month unless noted otherwise.

Bylaws and Meeting Minutes available upon request.


Institute for

Waldorf Instruction

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